Travelling can be daunting, especially if you’re seeing places most people have already gone to. There’s the fact that a place would be too hectic, as well as full of man’s creations.

But you know what?

Travelling can also be exciting, especially if you’re experiencing places most people have never gone to. There’s the fact that a place would be just calm, as well as full of nature’s wonders.

That being said, here are some reminders when venturing into the unknown:

Pack light.

You’ll never know. You might climb up that mountain you saw while fetching water from a stream. You’ll also never know. You might hike down that cliff you saw while gathering food from a tree. Anything can happen when you’re venturing into the unknown; hence, the need for you to pack light in order to adapt to the condition you’ll eventually find yourself in without trouble. Even more so, it will help you in moving around freely and prevent you in getting tired easily.

Bring a water bottle.

One con of venturing into the unknown? Not knowing how long (time) it would take for you to climb up to the mountain top or how much (effort) it would take for you to hike down to the cliff bottom. But still, one should always be prepared as the journey might take a few days or more to completely finish. Bring a water bottle and fill it with water more often than usual from nearby streams or even trees – not only to keep yourself hydrated, but also to boost your energy and to maintain your skin.

Bring a homemade snack.

Be it making your own dough recipe via the top bread machines on the market right now or the top waffle makers on the market right now, it never hurts to be prepared when it comes to food. You’ll never know. The area you’re venturing into is a few miles away from the nearest town. You’ll also never know. The area you’re venturing into is nowhere near a fruit tree even. Thus, bring a homemade snack – at least 5 packs, just enough to fill yourself up from time to time.

Always remember, there’s no such thing as too prepared. You see, venturing into the unknown is best experienced if you’re truly prepared – even with just a light pack, a water bottle, or a homemade snack.

Any other reminders when venturing into the unknown? Share them with us below!

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