archery in Olympics

Archery as an impressive sport has increased popularity. Its impact has greatly inspired all archers from across the globe. To set you in more amazement, give yourself the best treat by checking our recurve bow reviews. This is a constructive means of preparing yourself as you enter the beautiful world of archery.

The 1900 Summer marks the debut of archery which has been participated in by 16 Olympiads. Olympic archery events  have been composed by eighty-four nations in the world. France has the most number of appearance with a smashing total of 31 times.  Since 1984, South Korean Archers have made conspicuous achievements by winning 23 out of 34 gold medals. This has been an impressive medal sweep. This has gained praises and emulations.

How does Archery Work in the Olympics?

The Olympic games feature only one archery category. This is the strengthening recurve archery. The most ancient use of recurve bows  was mentioned in Psalm 78:57 which states that “They were turned aside like a deceitful bow.” Most scholars specified this ancient record to the eight century BC. Recurve bows have been a great part of history. In the second Millennium BC,  Egypt and some parts of Asia have been using the recurve bow.

Archery in the Olympic Games has been the display of great speed and accuracy. Archers from all over the world meet and aim to hit the objective of hitting the target bull’s eye from a distance of70 m or about 77yards.  It has been a great challenge for the participants. It has been the standard range. An archer shoots 3 or 6 arrows in the different ends. For the competition is divided into several ends or stages.  The participants waarcherylk to the target to score and get back their arrows after each end of the competition.

All competitors, men, and women,  are using the required recurve bows. The targets are divided into five colors. Each has 10 scoring rings. The rings are worth 1-10 points. The two outer-most rings which are in white can give the competitors 1 and 2 points. The next two rings are in black and are worth 3 and 4 points when hit.  Competitors will get 5 and 6 points when hitting the two blue rings respectively. Whereas, the next two red rngs are worth 7 and  8 points. The bull’s eye rings are in gold which is at the center of the target which are worth 9 and 10points.

The tournament starts as all the competitors shoot 72 arrows. In addition, the perfect score for this round is 720.  After this initial round, the archers will be ranked by score. This is true both in men’s and women’s division.  Who will advance in the competition? In each division, only the top 64 can qualify to advance.  Then, the qualified archers will again face the elimination matches.After the exciting elimination matches, two archers who excelled will compete for the gold and silver medals.

Archery has remained on the Olympic Games. This involves the active competition in men’s and women’s individual as well as team recurve archery. This has been a great avenue of fun and excitement in the world of archery. It can offer a lot. Join archery now!